Google ads are not relavant to your article

Google Ads are running up in your blog and you see the contextual ads are not relavant to your blog.

Why ads are not relavant?

In your blog you have so many things like connect with us i.e, social widgets, sharing social widgets, about author, popular article and so on. So when your page loads up, Google ads also start looking for "Section targeting" whether you have define or not. If you defined section targeting then relavnt ads will appear else some irrelavant ads will appear.

Google adsense has some kind of section targeting that you have to initialize it before you write an article and you should close the section targeting when you complete the article then only relevant ads will be displayed and you revenue will be more.

How Do I Implement this Section Targeting on My Blog

Here is the sample format for you

Suppose if you are running up blogger the you have to Edit your html and paste this section targeting in your article description.


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