Top 10 Google Plus | +1's Tips And Tricks

Learn Google Plus Tips and Tricks to have Fun.

Google plus tips
1.Bold, Italic, Strike Tricks
  • Write text between two *Text* to be in bold - Text
  • Write text between two -Text- to be in Strike - Text
  • Write text between two _Text_ to be in Italic - Text
2.Drag And Drop
  • Google + supports Drag and Drop feature to use this just drag the photos, links, video to your share box .
3.Circles Contacts
  • Google plus Circles is like a twitter where you can follow others
4.Mention People in your post
  • Include people in your post just add + or @ before their name
5.Sending Private Message
  • Simply share the message and disable the re share
6.Track the Date and Time of individual post
  • Click on the timestamp to view the details
7.Color Indication
  • Green Color : Public
  • Blue Color : Friends or any other circle
8.Short cut keys

  • Space = Bottom page
  • Shift space = Up page
  • J = Bottom scroll by each post
  • K = Up Scroll by each post
  • Q = Jump to Chat

9. +1 Button
  • +1 Button its like Facebook like button. +1 Button to like it and again click the +1 Button to dislike It
10. Including +1 in a Post
  • Including +1 in a post will be not available in post page instead it will be available in web page.


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