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Learn how you can give the privileges to the new authors for your blog.Introducing Many author for one blog its almost like guest authors for your blog.
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When people startup blogging as a career they choose their favorite niche and started writing the articles, later on when its get most popular on the web then other newbie bloggers are looking a chance to become the guest author for your blog.In that scenario we need to Multiple author for your blog.

How you can do Multiple Author For One Blog in or

Two Type of Authors are available in Blogger Platform.

1. Admin
2. Guest Author


  • Full Rights to control the blog
  • Can Post Article , Edit Article and Delete Article of their own as well as the guest authors.
  • Comments Publishing , deleting and reporting as spam
  • Overall Blog Settings
  • Can Modify the Layout of Blog
  • Add Adsense Code for Monetize
  • Stats for viewing the traffic of their blog
2.Guest Author
  • Limited Control of the blog
  • Can Post Article, Edit Article and Delete Article of their own Only not admins Article.
  • Settings for deleting their blogging guest permission
  • Only the above operation for the above guest author
How to Enable Multiple Authors
  • Go To and sign in with your blogger account or google account
  • Navigate to Settings > Permission ( Only This option available for admin of the blog or owner of the blog)
  • Their you have ADD AUTHORS > Click It to add the new authors
  • Invite the guest authors for your blog by providing their email Id.
  • That's It. Once your blog guest author accept your invitation then they can start publishing articles on your blog.


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