Become a Successful Blogger with these Tools

Started career with Blogger then you must know these tool for your blogging success.The following tools are Google webmaster, Google Analytics, Alexa and Adsense.

Google Webmaster

Google webmaster

  • Google webmaster helps your blog to drive more traffic
  • See how google search results targets your blog articles
  • Check who links your blog into their website
  • Submit your blog sitemap

Google Analytics

Google analytics

  • Google Analytics helps you to analyze and track you blog for better optimization
  • Overall your blog performance tips.
  • Reports of page views and unique hits with different ranges of date.
  • What article is most popular on you blog.
  • What is duration of each article by an visitor.
  • Percentage of exit time
  • Alexa is a web information company that tells you how is your blog popular on the web
  • Alexa rank for your blog by globally and country wise
  • High Impact Seach queries and top search queries for you blog
  • Alexa User reviews for your blog
Google Adsense
  • Google Adsense is a powerful way to monetize money from your blog by displaying the contextual ads
  • Variety of ads size and customize your ads by color, font and background pattern that suits your blog
  • Reports for you revenue.
  • Target ads will be displayed in Google adsense sandbox.


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