How to Upload Folder in HTML 5

Uploading Files is very easy in web technologies but uploading folders with multiple files is very difficult because it contains multiple files extension.

Recently Google added this upload folder in Google docs where you choose your directory at once so that
the Google will take care of the entire files uploading.

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Uploading Folders Feature works only with chrome browser. While doing the research for this i came to know that google added some special tag in html that tag will only recongnised by chrome browser that means its not a standard tag with w3c.

Here is an example of HTML File where it has input tag for file upload that is the standard of w3c.
<title>Technology Innovation</title>
<input type="file" id="file_input"
directory="" >

If you add webkitdirectory tag in input tag then you will dialog box willget change and it will ask you to select folder not file.This webkitdirectory tag is not standard in w3c

<input type="file" id="file_input"
webkitdirectory="" directory="" >


  1. input type="file" id="file_input"
    webkitdirectory="" directory=""

    This is not working in mozilla firefox


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