Opera Mini Power User Settings

Hidden Setting menu under Opera Mini Mobile Browser.

Opera Mini Power User Settings works pretty fine in all the version.To access the power user settigns Go to address bar > "config:?" without quotes and then Enter It , within some seconds you will get power user settings.

opera mini 6 logo

1.Large placeholders for images Should the colored placeholder rectangles for images (used when not loading images) keep the original image size?

Option Yes Or No

Yes :If you have good data plan and speed
No :Speed is low and want to load low quality images in zoom out mode.

Fit text to screen If disabled, text will no longer be fit to your phone screen, making it much harder to read.

Yes :If you have large screen then keep this
No :If you have small screen then keep this

Loading timeout If a webserver does not send any data in this many seconds, the loading will be aborted.

time out session for every request...20 30 60 120 3000

Site patches and user- agent masking Enables site patches and user-agent masking.

Yes - User Agent Design Based on Browser

Keep styling in RSS feeds If enabled, most CSS/HTML styling will be kept in feed articles.

Yes - Design

Show feedindex Show a list of pagefeeds at the top of the page

Yes - Feed supports for the visited web page

Fold linklists Should the transcoder proxy try to detect long lists of links in mobile view, and if one is found, fold it into a single line that can be expanded?

Phonenumber detection Should text that looks like phone numbers be converted to phonenumber links?

Yes - Call From browser

Minimum phone number length If telephone number detection is enabled, a number will need to be at least this long to be considered to be a phone number

Yes - Lenght Count for phone number

Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts If enabled, text written with complex scripts will be rendered on the server instead of in your device.

Yes - It will load all languages
No - Support only english


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