Samsung Vs Nokia - Who Is Champion?

Nokia (Connecting People) Vs Samsung (Turn On Tomorrow)

Samsung Vs Nokia

Smart Phone

Nokia loses its share market and also there are not enough good smart phone available in the market.
Nokia launched N8 Just Got Symbian Os and now nokia is trying to connect with Microsoft to create Window 7 based smart phone while the competiator samsung already launched Windows 7 based smart phone like Samsung Focus and also have differnt OS based Smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S (Android) and Samsung Wave (Bada OS).

Smart Phone Winner is : Samsung


Apple launched Ipad and Samsung become the first competiator with Apple against Apple Ipad and Launched Samsung Galaxy Tab and also sold a million of Tab within One Month while the Nokia Tablet Meego its still in progress.

Tablet Winner is : Samsung

Mid-range Phones

Nokia launched mid range of smart phone like Nokia C6,C3,C5 and E5.All are based on Symbian based phones supports symbian apps and also Java Apps.

Samsung launched mide range of smart phones like galaxy series , corby series , champ series and chat series all are smart phone and it supports MIDILet 2 based java apps

Winner Is : Both Nokia and Samsung


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