What is GMMXlE (Google Doodle)?

In every celebration Google does something to their Logo to make it doodle but that could be easy to read Google name made it under that logo but this time they have made it Doodle for the new year Eve 2011 which is GMMXlE.

This Doodle is a great brain teaser for all the people to find out what it is.

What is GMMXlE? -Answer & Explaination

What Is GMMXlE?

The First G and Last E stands For Google Logo First Character and Last Character i.e GE(Google).

And MMXl is a Roman Letter for 2011.

Roman Letter Values For Appropriate Letters
M Stands For 1000
X Stands For 10
l Stands For 1

Apply these values Under this Formula To Turn it Into 2011

Finally It is GMMXlE-G2011E


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