Mobile Blog For Free

Learn how to create your mobile blogger from your web based blogger ( blogger is a free web and mobile blog hosting for anyone who have a google account.This blogger provides your articles on the internet,free templates for look and feel,statistics for web traffic and provide adsense to monetize money from the internet.

Mobile Blog For Free

Latest news, tricks and solution are mostly appeared on blog but now a days people started searching and surfing from their smartphone but this smart phone browser supports WAP,XML and WML pages displaying perfectly where HTML based are not properly displaying that's why google launched free mobile templates for blogger so that mobile visitor can read your articles properly and become loyal reader.

Recently this Google mobile template under beta progress inorder to use this just visit Blogger Draft and sign in to your account then navigate to Settings under that click Email & Mobile.In that page you will be seeing Mobile Template(beta) Header in that click the Yes Radio button to enable mobile version and also view the mobile preview there itself to view how your site will appear on mobile web browser


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