Make your Compute Mouse More Smooth

If you are using an external laser or optical mouse for your desktop or laptop computer then you need to clean up the mouse bottom with white tissue paper or with news paper to make more smooth.
Make your Compute Mouse More Smooth
Many people thinks that mouse is not working due to low laser power light and some thinks the mouse life is over but the real issue is, the bottom surface of mouse is glue with small dust in the edges so only the problem is arises.

How to Clean up your mouse with paper.
The above images shows with red wrinkle that are the mouse edges which is getting glue with small dust after being used a couple of week.
Just take your mouse and disconnect with your computer and then take note or newspaper where you need to navigate your mouse by horizontally and vertically like you do while operating a system in order to take the dust from your mouse edges.

That's it now connect your mouse to the system and feel the mouse smoothness like a new one and do these procedure again and again after being used for more than two months.


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