What You Can Do with Google Tv?

Internet Search Engine giant Google now brings the technology into Tv with these Google TV you can do the following
  • watch TV(Tele vision) as usual
  • Make search from your tv and type the letters from your remote control or Infrared Mobile phone
  • Search the widget or apps for your TV
  • Surf the web with smarter Google TV

Introducing Google TV

  • Integrated with Adobe Flash player so you can watch all the web videos
  • Add apps from the net to be stay tuned and upto date in your field
  • Turn Your IR(Infra Red) Mobile to act as Remote Control
  • Share Your Mobile captured video to your Tv so that world views like Youtube uploader
  • Amazon Movie subscription
  • Watch Video and Browser page simultaneously like you do in computer
  • Save your favourite Sites as bookmark and also Make Homepage too
  • Google Firmware updates automatically

How Do I get it the Google TV

1.Get a Standalone TV - Sony Internet TV
2.Get a sparate box to use with your current HDTV - Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV Blueray


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