Six Ways To Drive Traffic -Search Engine Optimization

Drive more traffic to your blog so that you will be enlighted.After creating my blog i have been publishing articles continously to be enlighted but i couldn't get it so i started searching for search engine optimization for blog to get the traffic from all over the world and now i am getting a better traffic when compare to past what i had.

Let me tell how you can drive more traffic without spending a lot time on searching for search engine optimization. Learn this below six things to drive more traffic.

Six ways to drive traffic -SEO

1.Create a sitemap
Sitemap is a single xml file which defines all your blog articles with its content,title,tags and images.Once you create a sitemap for your blog then all search engine will start crawling your website articles effectively.

2.Webmasters Tools
All major search engine like google , bing and yahoo have their seprate webmaster section there you need to login with your username and password and define your blog or site.

3.Social Bookmarking
Once your blog is created then you need to create all social site accounts with your blog name and spread it or post it or tweet it whenever you create a new article so that you will getting traffic and follower.Follower are important because of them we will get more followers as well as subscribers.Social bookmarking are Delicios, Digg and Stumble Upon.

4.Blog Commenting
After publishing your blog just search for the same article what you wrote then go to those sites and make comment it with your blog article and include your blog link in the signature place.

5.Twitter And Google buzz
A new microblogging website there also create your account and tweet your blog article with your blog link

6.Facebook And Orkut
Add a facebook like button to your website so that if visitors like then they can easily shared with their friends.

Never stop.Keeping continuing by publishing new article.If you stopped publishing new article then you may loose more follower so avoid stopping.

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