How to Create MKV Format Video

MKV(Matroska Multimedia Container) is an open source multimedia format which contains video, audio, picture and subtitle tracks within a single file.MakeMKV allows you to create a DVD Rip in the MKV Format.

MakeMKV is an open source software that converts any video format into mkv format or transcode.Mkv also store meta information along with chapters.

Why we Go for MKV Format
  • Compressed into small size

  • High definition

  • Portable format supports all player

Download MakeMKV and start creating mkv video format .This software contains three panel.The first panel where you can insert dvd disc into your drive and visualaize the audio and video and seconds panel displays the track information like codecs,resolution ,formats and aspect ration and the last or third panel displays the log .

Advantages of MKV Video format
  • It reads DVD,Blu-Ray

  • Supports all video and audio

  • Supports Chapter information

  • Supports Meta Information

  • Fast Playing ,Reading and Fetching data

  • Open source format


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