How to Create VCF Contact File For Contact Us Page

Whenever a web designer builds a web site then contact us page is one of the most important page and this page defines the overall contact details of your company like mobile number,email,fax and etc.,

Almost website and blogger are giving their contact detail like email and mobile number in contact us page itself so spam program subscribe these email id for sending unwanted email and also mobile number is included in Disturb service so we are getting anonymous calls and bulk of offers via sms.

How to Create Contact File

  • Create VCF(Vcard File) in your mobile phone by creating a new contact

  • Send it your pc via bluetooth or USB

  • Download any best VCF viewer or you can download nokia pc suite for contact viewer

  • include all the personal details and upload it into your website

  • Define your VCF uploaded link in your contact Us page

That's It.If somebody interested in your contact detail then that person is going to hit your contact link.


Whenever an enduser is hitting VCF file from desktop then this will be open in your desktop appropriate application and if it is a mobile then this will be included in your contact List....


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