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Basic Linux Terminal commands For Ubuntu , Fedora and Suse

Learn some basic terminal linux commands to be behave like an expert or admin or extra attitude skilled person in front of your friends.Command helps you to realize the real work of kernal operating system and also optimize your knowledge to be an good programmer.
linux command
Navigation to Folders

"cd FolderName" - Navigate Folders
"cd .." - Going back to previous folder
"cd" - Home Folder

Execution of Files

If you want to execute your files then do it depend upon the format files

"./filename.bin" - If it is a .bin file (Binary Distribution)
"sh filename" - If it is a sh file (Shell Distribution)
"rpm filename" - If it is a RPM File (Redhat package Distribution)
"deb filename" - If it is a debian File
"./filename" - Any format file which will be execute depends upon their prefixed application

Create , Delete and Modife Folder

"mkdir folderName" - Creating a new folder
"rmdir folderName" - Deleting folder
"chmod +x folderName" - Changing the folder files to be executable
"chmod +r folderName" - Changing the folder files to be readonly
"chmod +w folderName" - Changing the folder files to be writable
"chmod +rw folderName" - Changing the folder files to be read and write

Create, Delete and Modify Files

"gedit fileName" - Creating a new file
"rm fileName" - Deleting file
"chmod +x fileName" - Changing the files to be executable
"chmod +r fileName" - Changing the files to be readonly
"chmod +w fileName" - Changing the files to be writable
"chmod +rw fileName" - Changing the files to be read and write

Install software from Linux Repository

"sudo apt-get install softwarename" - Install software in ubuntu
"yum install softwarename" - Install software in fedora or RPM
"yast install softwarename" - Install software in Open suse


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