How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft unveiled "Beauty Of The Web" Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 Upgrade.

internet explorer logo 9

In any case if internet explorer 9 is not satisfied you then your want to revert it back Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 7 then uninstall the only IE9 not the entire IE from windows.

To uninstall the updated of IE9 then do the follow
  1. Click the Start button and Search "Programs and Features" without quotes then Open it

  2. On the Left Panel you will be seen "View Installed updates" click on it

  3. Now on the right Panel you will be seen a list of program that have been updated from that choose Internet Explorer9 and the right click it "Uninstall" it.

  4. Proceed the Uninstall wizard

  5. Restart Your PC

  6. Now, Enjoy your IE8 or IE7


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