Download Gmail Apps for Android

Google revealed the latest version of its Gmail Apps for Android Based Phones.

Accessing internet on mobile device is growth Day-By-Day as per that technology giants revealing their web apps to mobile application for user friendly and for fast work.

This Latest version of Gmail apps introduced many new features like priority inbox,show quoted text ,Quick access Navigation, Reply and Forward.

Priority Inbox

Priority inbox will display the important email which is assigned by you as important when previously used.

Show Quoted Text

Show Quoted text is the previous conversation of any email which is attached in the top of email so when you click it, instantly it will show the last conversation as you see in web version.

Quick access Navigation,Reply and Forward

Navigates Buttons are introduced in the bottom so that you can navigate to previous and next email easily and in the top the reply and forward buttons are introduced to share very easily by forwarding to others or you can continue your conversation with your mailed one.


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