Gmail Voice Calling Tips and Tricks

Google introduces voice calling which allows user to make free phone calls within U.S. and Canada and for others landline call rates is $0.02/per minute and for mobile phones call rates are higher.Google announced via Twitter that the first 24hrs has made more than 1,000,000 calls.Google also unveiled voice phone booths earlier this week in universites and airports around the U.S and Canada

Google Voice

Tips for Saving Cellphone Minutes via Gmail

Save cellphone minutes by forwarding your phone calls to your personal gmail account as a number.To know this read the below procedure

  • Login to your Gmail account now go to Google voice phone settings
  • Under that Check Google chat option
  • Setting is done.Now whenever you recieve a call just press *(asterisk) button on the mobile keypad to forward the ongoing call to another Gmail voice phone calling
  • If your Gmail account is open,Instantly you will be getting ring on your Google voice just start with that so that you can save several cellphone minutes

Important Mail, Followup calls instead email response

Suppose you got an important email from your friend and you want to response them immediately then make a google voice call instead replying as a mail so that your friend will get your reply on the go.

Misplaced Phone

Didn't remember where you kept your phone then dont search for your phone login to gmail account so that you can get your calls in gmail then when you feel free then make a search your phone


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