Solution for Fedore Google Web ToolKit Problem

Mozilla firefox is one of the best browser according to worldwide survery and its open source software which works in all platform and also there are millions of plugins are available for firefox.Develpoers are facing the problem when working with Google web Toolkit with Linux platform especillay with firefox 3.6 version.

"Funny:Google Web Toolkit is Google plugin and also Google have chrome browser for linux version but they didn't developed for their Chrome browser instead developed for Mozilla Firefox ......."

Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit plugin works fine in windows application in all browser but in linux it works only firefox so when installing this plugin firefox asks to restart, to affect the browser changes and also when it opens it shows that plugin in addon window but when running the google web toolkit project again it shows add GWT plugin and it repeat continously..

For this problem what i did is removed the firefox 3.6 version and i searched for firefox 3.5 or below to that version then i got firefox 3.5.6 and then i installed it then Google web toolkit works me fine.

The reason for the problem is firefox updated the browser but they added something in add-on section so it become bug for the next upgraded version.


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