New Innovation in SMS Technology - Now you can Send Text Sms by speaking Itself Instead of Typing

Across the globe now every one is holding mobile phone and they uses everywhere in that few of them using mobile when they walk on pedestrian ,roads and also when driving but it is very risky.Especially when walking on road traffic signal people have to concentrate on road instead of mobile and it could lead to an accident.SMS (Short Message Service) is the easiest way to chat with people and stay connected with them.
Voice to Text SMS
Many of them are sending and reading sms when they walk on roads and they are not monitoring the roads and it become harm to others.A new software is going to arrive very soon where you need to install this software and attach you earphone to mobile then start speaking they software will convert your voice into text so that you need not required for typing text in your SMS editor and it will helps million people to avoid typing text sms on the road...

Nokia already launched sms reader application so you need not required to read all messages you just need to plug you earphone and start playing in voice mode so you can hear sms from your inbox.


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