View 3D In LCD TV Without Glasses - 2015 Year

Some Brand makes 3D Tv in LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) and some other Brand makes in LED(Light Emitting Diode). Technology made it another innovation in 3D Television that viewing 3D doesn't required glass.


3D technology becomes popular in Television, Movie theaters and Games.The innovation is already did in 42-inch 3D LCD Tv but the Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute again innovating in large 65-inch 3D LCD and also optimizing the 3D still images and slide show pictures that can be viewed in 3D.

In the Year 2015 every household a 3D Tv and also this 3D suits physically and financially.In the past we were discussing about 3D Television can cause disease which is said by the world's leading home appliance samsung but this 3D LCD TV news not revealed as of now.


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