Easiest Way to Get Approval for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ads revenue sharing program which help a lot of professional bloggers to earn money by displaying contextual based advertising and it pays depend upon ppc(Pay per click) and cpm(cost per thousand impression).Most of the newbie started blogging in blogger.com for free webhosting to share article in their interest and when they applied for google adsense the get disapproved but doing simple things you can simply approved for google adsense account.

Google adsense logo

Apply these before you apply for Google Adsense

  • Blog Design and color should be simple

  • Atlease 10 unique Article should be good and lengthy one

  • Regular updates to your blog

  • Remove other Advertiser ads if you have

  • Read Google Adsense Policy

  • Change Blog Title for BetterSearch Engine Optimzation

  • Dont add third party widget which require more time to load your blog page

  • You Should Have Good traffic so link your blog in all forum discussion

  • Dont Copy content from other blog because Google have tool to crawl it

  • Create Author and Contact Us page

If you just follow the above steps definetly you will get approved adsense account easily.

Note:India and china bloggers have to wait 6 month for applying adsense.

Already Applied for Adsense Account and Got Rejected

Read the Issue type and try to modify it before applying for adsense.

Rejection of Google adsense will disabled you email account not your blog name so try to apply with different email id if you have else create new one and apply for it.


  1. I totally agree with your post, it was not easy to apply GA, we have blogs that have high value to the reader. Greetings from Indonesia. . .


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