How to Embed HTML 5 Video in Web Page | HTML 5 Video Code Tag Description

Watch Videos On Browser Without Flash Plugins
HTML is shortly abbreviated as Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML 5 is an updated versions of HTML and this HTML 5 provide no need of plugins for streaming video in web browser.

All Web browsers are getting updated for HTML 5 support and there is no need of plugins for web browser to view the live streaming.

If you have blog or site then you can easily add your video.
First Upload your video to server then type the below image code in your page body document.
HTML 5 Video Code
In this example i have added two video format for multi video streaming and most of the sites have only one video per page then you need to add source tag only once.

Video tag is used to customize the width and height of video player.
Source tag is used to specify the file location and format type.


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