How Do I Upgrade From Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 Desktop Version Via Terminal

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Fedora 13 is Linux based operating system and linux means always free to use , share and even modify the source code because its have GNU Licence.Fedora 13 has been launched but don't waste time for downloading and installing when you have fedora any version just read this procedure to upgrade fedora any version to fedora 13.

fedora 13

  • Open Terminal from Application > System Tools > Terminals
  • Type "su" in terminal without quote and enter your root password if you have made it
  • After Authenticating type "yum update rpm" without quote
  • After Upgrading RPM Packages type "yum -y update" without quote
  • After Installing Updates Clear the cache by typing "yum clean all" without quote
  • Now reboot it by typing "reboot" without quote in terminal
  • After rebooting we have upgraded to fedora 13 successfully but not RPMFusion Packages
  • To do RPMFusion packages we have to open Terminal and type "su" to root authentication
  • Type "yum install preupgrade"
  • After Installing preupgrade now call to that function by typing "preupgrade" without quote
  • After that the system is prepared to upgrade
  • Now thats it reboot it wait for long time for upgradation


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