Tweet Your Blog Article in Google Buzz To Be Publicize

Tweet Your Blog Article in Google Buzz To Get More Traffic
Google Buzz is new web based application from Google where we can buzz text,images and video etc.Its like micro blogging social site from Google like twitter.Using this buzz that blogger can send blog articles headlines to their friends so that some one can read and also can make a comment for that article.In this article i am going to tell you how to synchronous your blog and social site buzz.
In order to do this you should have unique valid Google account for gmail and blogger.
1.Login to and login with your Google Account.
2.After Successful login now go to buzz
3.In buzz Click on Connected Sites which is above the text box
4.Now Add your blog from the list
5.Thats it.Now whenever you post article from blog it will automatically share to your friends ....
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