Manage Your WebSite Timing Specially on Social Sites

Some people who spends more time on browsing its really hard work to learn new things because internet has millions of content but this positive attitude will lead your time management.

Time management is very important role in our life and the person who manage time will become more successful.

In this article i am going to tell you how to control your website timing specially for those who spend more time on social networking. is a free website where you control your timing limits for any website to do so just visit the site and then enter the domain name and time  now click on the please button then it will open new tab for you visiting site and don't close the tab because is going to control your website time limits from their website scripts and even you can customize your popup alerts to know the remaining time for the particular website..

You can control your timing limits for any site without visiting

If you want to open in Minutes then this Example for Five Minutes

If you want to open in Hour and Minutes then this Example for 1 Hour 15Minutes

If you want to open For Full day then this Example for 1Day (opens a blank window)


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