Java is a programming language
Java is OOPS concept
Java is Independent Platform
Java - Right Once Run Anywhere

Java is sun micro system innovated programming language that you can found on OS , Mobiles , Cars , Embedded System , i-pod and etc ..

Java Program can be written in any simple text editor.Most of the people were learning java language but don't no how to set environment path on windows platform.To set path follow this procedure step by step

1.Download java (Skip this step if you already installed java on your desktop)
2.Go to MyComputer->Properties->Advanced Tab->Environment Variables
3.After clicking Environment Variables you will get another windows in which go to System Variables and then find "path" then double click it
4.In Edit System Variables Type Variable name as "PATH" without quotes and change variable value as "local:\Program Files\Java\Jdk-version\bin;.;" without quotes
Note: "local:" is drive letter where you installed operating system and "Jdk-version" depend upon your java version
5.And then click ok for all and exit from My computer properties

To validate whether Java Environment Variable path is set or not , Go to Command prompt and type "javac" without quotes and hit Enter button if it shows something class variable then it environment path set successfully.

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