Watch Videos On Browser Without Flash Plugins

Watch Videos On Browser Without Flash Plugins
Image Description:HTML 5 LOGO
HTML is abbreviated as Hyper-Text Markup Language.HTML is basic language for web Technology.This Newly Updated HTML gives video to run on browser without the need of any flash plug-in or players.
Previously people were using either Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows but now people using different kind of operating like apple mac,microsoft windows,Open source linux,sun unix,ibm unix,google chrome and so on.All the operating system have their own browser but different kind of application format this adobe flash plugin is capable in apple mac,microsoft windows and open source linux (some distribution only supporting ) not all operating system supports this adobe plug-ins like Flash player and shock wave player by not having this application capable in all operating system an end user or client not able to see video,e-books,Animation and games but for all these operating system have their own browser that supports HTML that's why W3C innovated again by updating HTML 5 in order to support all these things .Now browsers organization also developing software to get support upto this firefox 3.6 developed just download it and enjoy watching video without any flash plug-ins

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