Portable OS That Run's on Mobile,Computer,Palm and etcetra

The New "LinuXP" is a Portable Operating System which runs on mobiles , computers and Palm device and this operating system is independent platform like java which runs everywhere.This Operating System can be used to install drivers for hardware and even you can keep copy of this operating system in storage device like memory cards or pen-drive and plug it into computers or laptop to start your Operating System and also this OS help you to recover deleted data from an Existing OS.This Operating System innovated byNiket Chandrashekar, a 20 year old engineer from bangalore.

This Operating System is developed under Open Source Tool like "Wine(Windows Emulator)" which allows windows program to run on linux platform and this operating system is linux kernel.

This Operating System is Free License under GNU License and will be launched after seven month ,may be launch in august 2010

Application Supports - Windows XP ,Vista and Windows 7 

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