How to Send Secured Data in Internet - Steganography

How to Send Secured Data in Internet - Steganography

Image Description: Hackers
Growth of Science and Technology finds innovative ways to find patches over attacks made by hacker.In the Internet there are millions of computer are interconnected by network.If some people want to share some personal things like bank accounts or premium login accounts through email or any other share media but hacker who is surfing anonymously in the Internet find the personal documents and trying to modify the original message as well utilizing the original message so that the receiver who receive fake message from hacker thought that the message sended by sender..
In order to confuse hackers technology made another innovation in new technique called "Steganography"
What is Steganography?
Steganography is new technology innovation which hides text messages in image,audio,text and video files
To Make your data very securely just what you need to do is find the best steganography software from Internet and download it and then encrypt your messages and send your personal thing to your beloved one ...............

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