How to Install Firefox in Ubuntu

How to Install Firefox in Ubuntu
Worlds Most Populated and Most Secured Browser  now you can install in Ubuntu Linux Operating System by following this below trick you can obtain it and this Mozilla Firefox launched its new updated version 3.6 which easier for third party softwares ,tool bars and offers upto 70 Languages to understand easily as well as this comes with an improved integration appearance so that you can change themes in single click...

Let me now tell you how you can install Firefox in Ubuntu.

Installation from PPA

1. First, add the mozilla-daily PPA in the repository list. To do that, use the following command either konsole or Terminal,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa

2. Now update the software list,

sudo apt-get update

3. Once the software list is updated, install firefox using,

sudo apt-get install firefox-3.6

That’s it.

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