Bluetooth 3.0 Features and Specification

Blue tooth is a wireless device in which data can transfer high speed between two mobile device

Blue tooth is playing a vital role in our daily life to share data between mobility devices.Now a days bluetooth comes with the following devices like mobile,computers,laptops,palm, printers, lcd's and headsets it reduces wired connectivity between any two devices which has communication to share data.Initially bluetooth was found to replace infrared connectivity between any two device and also it gives a length signal strength and also provides high speed data.

In the Year 2007 Bluetooth was upgraded to Bluetooth2.1+EDR which offered 3Megabytes(3MB) speed but this year 2010 the Bluetooth upgraded to Bluetooth3.0 which offers 24MB speed and also it uses wireless standard IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)802.11 as high speed Transport layer..

This 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity added in samsung S8500 and launched internationally

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