Why India Blocks Millions of Mobile Phones

Why India Blocks Millions of Mobile Phones
Image Description : China Phones without IMEI and looks like Apple iPhone 3G

India has the fastest growing mobile phone market across the globe,with more than 488 million subscriber but On December 1,2009 blocked 25 millions of mobiles for security reason.Whenever subscriber is making call then IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) appears on Network operator and even changing the SIM card will display the device unique ID (IMEI).

The absence of this IMEI number on mobile makes it impossible to trace the caller or phone or to access call details for security group which make is the security issue with in the country.

The mobile which doesn't have IMEI that made from cheap cost and that is Unbranded .

Last year 26/11 attack in mumbai calls were made which doesn't have IMEI so the India intelligence agencies says phone which doesn't have IMEI Should be banned


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