Google New Fade In Feature

Google New Fade In Feature Image Description : Google with Fade In feature

After becoming successful search engine Google Inc started creating lot of online application like
Books Finance Translate Scholar Blogs YouTube Calendar Photos Documents Reader Sites Groups Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Gmail and even more.

But Google displayed everything in single line frame due to this so many people get vex and they need just search engine and some people want all google application in single top frame to use fast without typing in address bar.So Google Inc engineer thought how should we solve this problem and they came up with innovate idea like fade in feature will solve this problem.

Now this feature is enabled in All Google Server to view this just go to and see there is no single line frame in your browser and just search it but if you want to get this application access just move your cursor point to top frame then google fade in feature you can see it.Its in hidden and can be viewed only when cursor moves.

This Fade In feature will solve so many end users problem.

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