Slimmest Laptop Features when Compare to Normal Laptop

Slimmest Laptop Features
In yearly days people were purchasing laptop instead of desktop but in these days people are purchasing slimmest laptop instead of normal laptop.

Why people in favor of Slimmest laptop when compare to normal laptop ?

Because slimmest laptop comes with feature like Optical Disk Drive are replaced by Flash Disk Drives(USB Pen Drives ,Memory Cards) and this replaced done here to make more slimmest laptop not to reduce money

Why Replaced Optical Disk Drives to Flash Disk Drives ?

- Writing Data in High Speed
- Memory Size in GB's but performance is good
- Rewritable Pen Drives and Memory card
- Pen Drive and Memory need small place to keep in pocket
- Flash Drives can be used anywhere.
- Independent Platform no need of installing driver Software in Operating System

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