Airtel Inspiring Ad and Proud to be an Indian....

A very inspiring Ad from airtel..Please watch it

1500 year ago an Indian taught the world how to count..But this time its deserve it

1.Who is the father of surgery and he belongs to which country?

The father of surgery is "Shusruth" and he belongs to India.

2.Who Invented Wireless Communication and he belongs to which country?

Wireless Communication invented by "Jagdish bose" and he belongs to India.

3.How many Percentage of computers runs on chip across the globe which is made by India?

90% of World's computers run on chip, made by Indian.."Vinod Dham"

4.A man fought war without fighting ?

Mahatma Gandhi and he too belongs to Indian..

When Single Indian Can do such a thing .Then billion stands for what they believe in they can change the world.

Proud to be Indian...

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