3G (Third Generation) Mobile Communication

3G (Third Generation) Mobile Communication Image Description: 3G Network

3G stands for Third Generation for Mobile Communication is a family standard of International Mobile Communication . This 3G includes GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication),EDGE(Enhance Data Rates for GSM Evolution),UMTS(Universal Mobile Telecommunication System),CDMA2000(Code Division Multiple Acess),DECT(Digital Enhance Cordless Telecommunication) and WiMax.

This 3G network is specially designed for Video Calling,Voice Telephones and Wireless Data.In 3G we can do voice calling as well as Data transmission simultaneously but in 2G only we can make voice calling and for data transmission after voice calling done.

Transmission of Data in 3G is 14 Mbit/s in Downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s in Uplink

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