How To Install NetBean IDE in Linux Operating System

How To Install NetBean IDE in Linux Operating System

NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is developed by Sun Microsystem and its the most popular IDE after eclipse IDE. The only IDE you need to install in all platform operating system and its come with free of cost.

IDE Bundles comes with while posting the article on (10/16/2009)
This Net Beans IDE Bundle comes with Java SE,Java FX,Java Web,Java EE,Java ME, Ruby, C,C++,Groovy and PHP as well as it including Servers like Glass Fish V2 &V3 and Apache Tomcat.

To install this NetBeans IDE in Linux Operating System you need to follow this steps.

  1. In order to install this NetBeans IDE first you must download and installed Java Developement Kit you can download from here 
  2. Then Download NetBeans IDE from here 
  3. .After Downloading NetBeans IDE open your Terminal or Konsole
  4. Type "su" without quotation to perform super user action
  5. Then type root password.
  6. After verifying root password go to location where you download netbeans package.
  7. Then type "sh" without quote
  8. You will get NetBeans IDE wizard then you can install easily with the help of GUI installation.
  9. Then Reboot it your system.
  10. Enjoy Developing IDE .


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