History Of Internet

History Of Internet

The Internet in 2009 sending e-mails with secure connectivity(SMTP) , make calls over the internet using VOIP(Voice Over Internet Phone) , we discuss topics,we are sharing files like photo,movies and software over the internet using protocol(HTTP,FTP),we are purchasing everything from our home and even online banking to make transactions.
How we got this far lets go back to 50 years ago to understand this internet history...

Watching this video you could understand

If these guys not thinking to create this innovate video then how we will understand this Internet History with in 8 minutes .Please hats of to the team

Director & Animator :Melih Bilgil
Voice Over :Steve Taylor(Voice-pool.com)
Music :Matthias Grubel(telekaster.net)
Translation :Karla VesenMayer
Scientific Management :Prof.Philipp Pape

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