Detailed Information About DirectX and Drivers in Microsoft Windows Platform

How to know the overall details of hardware and software configuration in one place?

This is the question that comes in everyone's mind who uses windows platform somebody is checking details with My Computer Properties and somebody is going to Control Panel to check the System Configuration.

If you want System,DirectX,Display,Sound,Music,Input and Network detail then follow the below steps and also this tool is going Diagnose your computer

1->Click Start Button
2->Click on Run...
3->Type "dxdiag" without quote
4->You will get DirectX Diagnostic Tool and in that several tabs are there like system,DirectX, Display,Sound,Music,Input and Network in each tab you will get individual information about your computer hardware and even you can make test whether the appropriate hardware is working or not.If not working means you can diagnose the hardware.

System -> Overall information about your computer property
Direct X -> DirectX is used to support advance graphics and animation
Display -> Test Direct Draw,Direct 3D and see the graphic hardware in detailed
Sound -> Sound Card Detail and you can test Direct Sound
Music -> Music Driver to get input from device and to deliver output from system
Network -> Interconnected with internet and its registry files


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