SUN MICROSYSTEM (Everyone and everything participating on the network)

Sun micro-system is a multinational company.They are providing software for all platform Java , Linux , Windows and Macintosh.

It is independent platform that means the software can run in any platform.
For example : They are creating software for mobile in jar(Java Archieve) format that software is working on samsung,nokia ,sony ericsson and etc.

Sun Microsystem Open Source Software


Java is a object oriented programming language .It uses class and object to avoid structures and it uses encapsulation,polymorphism and Inheritance.


NetBeans is a package where u can edit any programming code and u can build the code using netbeans tool easily .
Service providing netbean is Servers,Databases and more service it depands on your programming.

Glass Fish

Glass Fish is a server where u can build code online when server is running.


MySql is a database is used to store and retrieve data.This MySql database is very easy to learn and it is preinstalled in all linux operating system.


OpenSolaris is a unix based OS developed by sun.This Operating System will be very easy for Developers it comes with java all package.


Open Office is a package in that u can create Document,Excel,Presenatation and many morething and its free

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