Best Browsers For Your PC

List of most popular web browser like opera mini, apple safari, Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

Web browser - A software which retrieves data from server and present in a neat way on your computer screen and its the most popular way to see for what you are looking like people use for business / blogs / learning/ games / fun and etc.,

Amazing facts of World wide web

  • To Reach 50 million users Radio took 38 years , TV in 13 years and Internet web was just 4 Years.
  • Apache HTTP server was the most successful server since 1996
  • World wide web programmed with Objective C 
  • First web server software was CERN httpd

In this article you will be seeing the specialty of each browser


Opera Internet Browser For Linux,Windows,Mac and also for mobile (Symbain,java and windows )
Best Browsers For Your PC

Specialty :This Browser store cache memory to make fast browser

Safari Browser

Safari Internet Browser Developed By Apple Inc.
Best Browsers For Your PC
This browser intially for Macintosh Platform only but now they provide for Windows too
Specialty :This Browser Execute Scripts 10 time faster than any browser


FireFox Internet Browser an Open Source Project
It supports windows,linux and macintosh

Best Browsers For Your PC
Specialty :This Browser is more secure than any other

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer the worlds best Resolution Browser.
Best Browsers For Your PC
Specialty :This Browser is give high definition for any sites

 if you want to know the each version launch of individual browser click here


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