3D Desktop For Windows


BumpTop Technologies Inc Created 3D Desktop For Microsoft Windows Platform and its copyright license.This Bumptop 3d Desktop is like a real Desk Normally what we do in desk that can be done in this Bumptop Desktop.

 This Desktop is really Fun

* Increase your icon size

* Most used application can automatically increase icon size 

* Thumbnail preview on your Desktop for the following like Webpages, PSDs, HDRs and more!

*Organize function that seprate files family and unique file stored above and above like this

*Dozen of themes that you can select for your Desktop that suits you moods

*Store your Icon above and above in your desktop like you are keeping books above and above in desk

* Rotate Your Desktop Icons in 0-360 angle

* Single Icon as well as Multiple Icon can be grow(Increasing Size) and can be shrink(Decreasing size)

* View your desktop Icon in Grid Menu

* Finally using pile function can arrange same category application in above and above so that you can choose same format supporting application

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