Disable Autorun from Media like CD's,PenDrive and DVD's

Disable Autorun from Media like CD's,PenDrive and DVD's

How To Disable Autorun From Media

Virus that kills your computer software or programs

Virus are spreading through your internet , network , Media(PenDrive,Optical Drive).To share datas people are pluging their media in different computer then virus files are copied in Media and computers. To avoid virus u need antivirus but this antivirus programs only work when u scan the media but this viruses are spreading total computer through copying files.

How to avoid copying file without your permission

click start menu and then click Run (or) Win+R

type "gpedit.msc" in that right column click on the following computer Configuration ->Administrative Template ->System ->

Now in right column find Turn Of AutoPlay double click it and then enable for all drives then apply and ok

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