Gmail Keyboard Shortcut -Enable It!

Gmail - An Email Service From Google.Gmail is the best email service which offers bulk storage,Spam free,Google Encryption security and Labs Feature.

Imagine -- Striking of single keyword will open compose ,reply and forward.

To do this

  • Login to Gmail

  • Go to Setting link on top right

  • Navigate to genral tab and select the keyboard shortcuts on

  • Under Text box define the shortcut for your operation


Below given shortcuts are most commonly used shortcuts.

c – Compose
r – Reply
a – Reply all
f – Forward
n – Next message
p – Previous message
o or – Open
u – Return to conversation list
e – Archive
x – Select conversation
s – Star a message or conversation
! – Report spam
/ – Search
Esc – Escape from input field
Ctrl + s – Save draft
# – Delete
l – Label (summons the label menu)
v – Move to different location (summons the label menu)
Shift + i – Mark as read
Shift + u – Mark as unread
[ - Archive and go to previous message
] – Archive and go to next message
k – Move to newer conversation
j – Move to older conversation
z – Undo


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