ICC World T20 2016 schedule and venues - Hosted by India

Check out the complete ICC World T20 schedule and venues - Hosted by India

Tuesday, Mar 8:
Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong (PM), Nagpur;
Scotland vs Afghanistan (Eve.), Nagpur.
Wednesday, Mar 9:
Bangladesh vs Netherlands (PM), Dharamsala;
Ireland vs Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Thursday, Mar 10: 
Scotland vs Zimbabwe (PM), Nagpur;
Hong Kong vs Afghanistan (Eve.), Nagpur.
Friday, Mar 11:
Netherlands vs Oman (PM), Dharamsala;
Bangladesh vs Ireland (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Saturday, Mar 12:
Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan (PM), Nagpur;
Scotland vs Hong Kong (Eve.), Nagpur.
Sunday, Mar 13:
Netherlands vs Ireland (PM), Dharamsala;
Bangladesh vs Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Tuesday, Mar 15: 
New Zealand vs India (Eve), Nagpur.
Wednesday, Mar 16:
West Indies vs England (PM),Mumbai;
Pakistan vs Q1A (Eve.), Kolkata; 
Thursday: Mar 17: 
Sri Lanka vs Q1B (Eve.), Kolkata.
Friday, Mar 18:
Australia vs New Zealand (PM),
Dharamsala; South Africa vs England (Eve.), Mumbai; 
Saturday, Mar 19: 
India vs Pakistan (Eve.), Dharamsala
Sunday, Mar 20:
South Africa vs Q1B (PM), Mumbai;
Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Eve.), Bengaluru.
Monday, Mar 21: 
Australia vs Q1A (Eve.), Bengaluru.
Tuesday, Mar 22:
New Zealand vs Pakistan (Eve.), Mohali.
Wednesday, Mar 23:
England vs Q1B (PM), New Delhi;
India vs Q1A (Eve.), Bengaluru; 
Friday, Mar 25:
Pakistan vs Australia (PM), Mohali;
South Africa vs West Indies, (Eve.), Nagpur.
Saturday, Mar 26:
Q1A vs New Zealand (PM), Kolkata;
England vs Sri Lanka (Eve.), New Delhi; 
Sunday, Mar 27: 
India vs Australia (Eve.), Mohali;
Q1B vs West Indies (PM), Nagpur.
Monday, Mar 28: 
South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Eve.), New Delhi.
Tuesday, Mar 29:
Rest/Travel day.
Wed, Mar 30:
Semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd vs Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), New Delhi.
Thursday, Mar 31: 
Semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), Mumbai.
Fri, Apr 1:
Rest/Travel day
Sat, Apr 2:
Rest/Travel day
Sun, Apr 3: 
Final (Eve.), Kolkata.


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