Download APK Files From Google Play Store

Learn how you can download APK (Android Apps) files directly from Google Play Store.

Why you need to download APK files from Google Play because there are many reason.
  1. Google Play Store says an app will be incompatible with your device but there is a possibility of compatibility.
  2. App may not be available for download from Google Play store based on region or country.
  3. May be you have more than one device and you think why should i do the same download on every device for the same app when you can download at once.
  4. May be you want keep the download APK files because if you installed many application means, it consume more RAM Memory and it will lead to battery drain.

EVOZI has developed an app that download's app from the Google play store with URL or Package name.
  1. Visit website
  2. Enter Google Play Store app or game URL or  package name
    Google Play Store URL and Pakcage Name
     3.  Click Generate Download Link
     4.  Now click the download link to download your app or game
EVOZI application fetching app or game from Google play store and hosting on their server. Its  unlikely that the app or game will get infected with malware . Also, the app only let you download the free apps or game not paid ones.

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