Best 5 GPS Apps for Android

Global Position System ( GPS ) is a technology, which is used to trace the exact position of any smartphone or tablet device or vehicle.

GPS always records latitude and longitude of the location.
  • When you shootout the photos in your smartphone, so you can find out exactly where you took this photos
  • If you installed GPS device in vehicle, then you can see the exact location of the vehicle and even you can how the vehicle travels from point A to point B.
  • Every map is build with latitude and longitude based points and some other technology
Here is the list of best 5 GPS Apps for your android OS

Sygic : GPS Navigation
  • Download and save maps, so you use it on offline
  • Real time traffic
  • Audio instruction
  • Free version available for 7 days and after that you have  to purchase 

Route 66 Maps+ Navigation
  • Access your device camera to view the roads and GPS function to provide direction
  • Works with even low light conditions
  • Free apps or premium features

Google Maps

  • 3D Structures Navigation
  • Best GPS App for android platform
  • Street View
  • 360 View
  • Voice Guide 
  • Live Traffic

  • Download maps for offline access
  • Navigation
  • Local landmark

TeleNav GPS Navigator

  • 3D Maps
  • Real time traffic alerts
  • User friendly interface 
  • Weather conditions

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