Amazon Instance File Transfer using Python Secure Copy

Python Secure Copy ( PSCP ) can be used to transfer the  files to the other remote system.

Download PSCP and PuttyGen Softwares from Python website.

Load your download amazon key to generate private key.

Open puttygen > load your amazon key in puttygen > Click save private key button to save the generate file.
  • Now run the generated file 
  • Go to command prompt
  • Type "pscp source destination" without quotes
Example :

Copying file from amazon ubuntu host to your system - DOWNLOAD
 pscp username@ipaddress:/home/somefile.txt  C:\Users\Data 

Transferring your file to amazon ubuntu host - UPLOAD
 pscp C:\Users\Data\somefile.txt username@ipaddress:/home/
  • No need to enter any user credential because the generated key will authenticate automatically but make sure to run it.
In case if file is not supported then try to install python full setup in your system and try again.

Learn how you can access ubuntu amazon instance using putty software

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