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The Android notification system is one of the most liked features by users. With a simple notification bar that slides, you can access all notifications of your device. However, while Android allows you to customize almost anything, the notification bar is not in this list. Even better, it was not until now, but now with Omega StatusBar you can customize your notification bar with the information and items you want.

Among its most notable options are the ability to activate the battery percentage (which very few Stock ROMs incorporate such as as the SGS3), choose for which applications we receive notification or change the position of the clock. Till now, all this was accomplished by using multiple apps that can be downloaded by Google Play and changing the appearance of our full bar but with Omega this can be done by few clicks from a single app. Isn’t that a great news

It works great, but there are things to polish

best notification app for android

I have found that it works well with most of the options, however, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 without Root some options such as the percentage of battery that did not work. But when I rooted it then the functionalities worked properly. So if you notice any bug in the app then you should first apply android updates on your smartphone. Not that non-root devices malfunction, but it is not yet adapted to all ROMs and devices , which is why it is still in beta as the developer explains both in XDA thread as in the description of Google's Play.

Otherwise, I must say that is quite interesting for all those android fans to customize their phones and surely in the future it will be running in an almost perfect version.

You can download  StatusBar Omega from Google Play 

Is this a post from Technology Innovation ?

No. This is a guest post by Greg is a technology geek who devotees most of his time while experimenting and updating android Tablets. He also write reviews about android apps and in his recent review android sms backup apps were covered.

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